Expansion is the natural progression of a business that is successful in its market. This procedure can take many various forms, and we can help you figure out which one is ideal for your business.

The BITTENCOURT Group’s company development solutions are tailored to each client’s specific needs and preferences, as well as their desired markets.

Franchise Formatting

The formatting project includes fundamental phases for structuring the business and for the franchisor to begin expansion through the franchise system.

Structuring of the franchisor-network management

company Structuring of the Franchising Company to define the activities performed by the franchisor and how they will be developed, divided, organized, and coordinated by the network manager.

Structuring of Business Consulting

Structuring of the monitoring and strategic action area with franchisees defining the action tools and processes to be followed.

Network Management

Support in the management of the franchise network with the structuring of areas, design, mapping, and formalization of processes so that the company can meet the demands for support from the franchise network.

Manuals and structuring of processes

Far beyond describing the processes of the model company for replication to franchised units, the process of preparing franchise manuals involves a strategic rethinking of the company and its know-how for the network.

Expansion Plan

Evaluation of the most suitable channels for the expansion of each business model and size, company profile, and market. A customized project suited to the reality of each network.

Restructuring of the Franchising Company

Restructuring of the franchisor company from the organizational structure (organization chart, positions, and attributions) to the processes and training of the people involved. Creating controls, reducing costs, and maximizing existing resources.

Structuring of Councils

Structuring of this important channel for franchise networks to bring the franchisor closer to the network, discussing business ideas and promoting the engagement of franchisees.

Implementation of Units

Guidance on the conduct of implementation activities through specific tools and its methodology so that implementation deadlines are respected and the execution of each activity takes place efficiently and with those responsible – franchisee and/or franchisor active in the activity of implementation

Marketing and franchise Disclosure

The Portal Your Franchise is one of the largest portals of Brazilian franchising, focusing on attracting investors interested in opening a franchise. The portal offers content about the market for franchisors and franchisees who want to be always up to date.

Legal Consulting

Specialized support in one of the most important stages of the franchising model formatting process – the elaboration of the legal instruments that will formalize the offer and the rules that will govern the business.