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The management of a business network necessitates the management company’s or franchisor’s activities, as well as the activities of its units, to be of high quality and efficiency.

The BITTENCOURT Group regularly produces content and technologies to support and accelerate learning for all members in a network, knowing that this may be accomplished through access to knowledge and structured training programs..

Licensed publications

In partnership with the Australian consultancy Franchise Relationship Institute, the BITTENCOURT Group publishes exclusively in Brazil the books of Greg Nathan, the greatest specialist in the franchisor-franchisee relationship. In addition, its partners and founders are co-authors of publications in the field of retail, franchising, and business in general.

Exclusive studies

The BITTENCOURT Group invests in knowledge on a regular basis. We are always supplying the market with essential and fresh information, with the clear goal of presenting what is most relevant to the market, whether in terms of trends, new business models, or even consumer behavior.


Programs Customized projects aimed to organize the training activities that took place on the network. Its objective is to ensure that the brand’s culture, purpose, and values are embedded in each unit of the chain, as well as that the business regulations are understood, followed, and maintained.

Open Courses

For franchise and business networks, open courses with specialized content are available. The courses are aligned with the Group’s mission of assisting businesses and their employees in their growth. Online or in-person classes are available. The programs have already trained hundreds of professionals and leaders.

Lectures and Conventions

Rely on the BITTENCOURT Group’s experts to deliver custom-tailored content created specifically for the profile of your audience and the current state of your business.