Structuring the Field Consultancy

What it is

The definition of the field consultant’s hiring profile, which can also be referred to as a business consultant, its role before the franchisee, and interaction with the franchisor’s overall structure, as well as processes and tools, is required for the structuring of the field consulting area for franchises.

How We Do It

The BITTENCOURT Group assists franchising companies in structuring field consulting for franchising, a vital and strategic area for franchising, with the adequacy of the professionals involved, support in the development of strategic plans for units, and monitoring of indicators to verify the effectiveness of the actions outlined by the franchise consultant and carried out by the franchisee.

The franchise field consultant’s profile and role


The hiring profile may differ depending on the consultant’s function and the network’s objectives, as higher business management experience or a more operational or technical focus may be necessary.

The Franchise Field Consultant’s primary role is to help franchisees maximize their profitability and local market share while building a commitment to the values ​​of the brand and the franchise network. Among the main objectives, we can highlight:


  • Maintain the standard of the business model defined by the franchisor;
  • Support the franchisee in business planning and management;
  • Support the franchisee for routine demands;
  • Be the communication link between franchisee and franchisor;
  • Promote network development;
  • Ensure the standard of service and physical facilities in operations;
  • Support the franchisee in achieving franchise results.


The consultant’s daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and semiannual activities can be divided according to the network’s priorities, and during the implementation stage of new units, which can be adjusted according to current needs and network priorities.



The Franchise Field Consulting team is involved in processes such as using support tools with franchises and executing or participating in processes such as setting goals and objectives, opening new franchises, planning and executing visits, providing continuous support, and disseminating best practices, among others, according to the needs of each network and business character.


Objectives and goals: even before organizing and performing the franchise field consulting visit, it is vital to assess each franchise’s current position in terms of business management, operational processes, financial outcomes, and other factors.


Visit planning process: which involves discipline, planning, and focus to achieve the goal of supporting the improvement of franchise outcomes, is one of the most positive factors that reinforce the relationship between franchisor and franchisee. The Franchisee’s dedication to the brand’s objective is strengthened by a well-structured visit.


Implementation process: The Field Consultant works with the implementation team to oversee the pre and post-opening phases, as there is a “passing of the baton” and official presentation of the Field Consultant, who is now responsible for support continuity.


Visit execution process: the execution of the visits consists of staying in the franchised unit for the pre-determined period, according to the approved planning and need of each franchise in relation to the Consultant’s physical presence, with the main objective of applying the checklists and generating plans for improvement action.


Continuous monitoring and support process: continuous monitoring involves the Field Consultant in the procedures aimed at the routine of franchises, ensuring compliance with the action plan, established goals and objectives, necessary validations or approvals, daily communication, among others tasks that guarantee the operation support in the routine of each franchise.



The main franchising field consulting tools are made up of checklists that generate action plans, standard DRE (Statement of Results for the Year), a dashboard for indicator analysis, franchise manuals that establish network standards, schedule, and roadmap visits.


The Franchise and Business Field Consultant is a critical part of the success of a franchise network.


The necessity to closely manage the network with clear indicators, frequently accompanied by an excellent plan in which the units can see their status in relation to the other units of the network, becomes especially evident in times of economic instability, and the warning signs light up fast. The unit that is having issues can figure out what is wrong and how to fix it.


Each franchise is responsible for his own business, but the franchisor can and should assist him in becoming a better manager by providing training and ongoing support so that he can stay healthy even in the face of adversity, and this role is primarily performed by a consultant who is well prepared for the job.


Consultants with mastery of the business model, skills in finance, marketing, sales, people management, and behavioral and relationship skills, who are prepared to assist franchisees with unit management, application and replication of the business model, management and generation of results, and effectively functioning as the main link between the franchisor and the franchisee.

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