Implementation of Continuous Improvement Culture | Excellence Program

What it is

Entrepreneurs have investigated and questioned the quality of management implemented by franchise networks before opting to invest in a franchise of a certain brand. The success of business networks is largely determined by the management model and excellence.

The goal of the excellence program is to spread a culture of continual improvement and results-oriented behavior. It encompasses the complete network, with specialized activities for each level (managers, partners/franchisees, employees, and so on), offering benefits and encouraging interactivity and cooperation.

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How We Do It

The entrepreneur may have all of the knowledge necessary to run the business in terms of a product purchase, manufacture, and sale, but he or she may be unaware of which processes must be implemented to manage the company’s activities as a whole, from a holistic perspective, in order to maintain control and generate good results.


The BITTENCOURT Group begins to intervene at this point, with franchisor structuring, trained employees, and processes to monitor, manage, and improve results in franchised units.

The creation of an excellent program, which aims for transparency in unit performance and, above all, the propagation of a culture of continuous improvement, is frequently included in this process. Each franchisee knows where he is and where he can go thanks to the program’s structure.

Defining the program’s objectives, developing the regulation, defining the metrics and KPIs to be measured, developing the entire unit evaluation system – which can range from complying with standards to achieving results – implementing a pilot with a few selected units, and finally rolling out the program to all units in the network are all part of the process.


Even if the franchisee conducts extensive study into the quality of support and services offered by the franchisor to the network and how the franchisor practices management, they can only evaluate these factors once your unit is operational.

This point may appear intangible at first, but it is the franchisor’s responsibility to ensure that new units are regularly monitored and, from the start, make clear the rules and indicators that will be measured, so that expectations are aligned and you know where you can go with your business operations.

Effective management focused on performance and supported by an excellence program also ends up promoting the engagement of the network as a whole. Encouraging the search for results from each unit, the program ends up boosting the result of the network as a whole.

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An engaged network, with clear goals and objectives, with a culture of continuous improvement and transparency in management.

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