What is it

What would people – being customers, employees, franchisees, and even the planet – lose if their company ceased to exist tomorrow? What is the reason your business exists? What is the catalyst for your motivation?

The Purpose is frequently mistaken with the company’s Mission, Vision, and Values. The Purpose, on the other hand, goes beyond that. It is inextricably linked to the organization’s soul, to the founders’ dream. It is not something written for the benefit of the market, but rather a daily commitment to society, employees, customers, and franchisees, which is the driving force behind the company’s actions. People frequently believe it has something to do with philanthropy or social activity.

Although it is not the focus, a company’s Purpose can be linked to a greater impact it has on the world and in people’s lives, although this does not always translate into social acts. It can be expressed in the way you make your clients feel, in the solutions to difficulties they confront on a daily basis, and in the realization of dreams.

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How We Do It

The BITTENCOURT Group provides specialized assistance in the journey leading to the discovery of the brand’s purpose, utilizing proprietary methods established via extensive research and consultation with experts in the field.

Face-to-face meetings, co-creation workshops with teams, experiences, presentations, and final reports are all part of a structured methodology with specific methods and tools for each phase.


A lot of recent research has shown that when a company has something bigger and more significant than profit as its end goal, results come. And in a way superior to companies that focus only on results for shareholders.

Bringing inspiration and drive back to the workplace is the goal of talking about purpose. It’s about resurrecting the brand’s origins, which are sometimes confused with the founder’s dream. The amazing stories that emerge have the potential to generate a transformation from the inside out, while also engaging the people involved in the organization by giving meaning to each stakeholder’s commitment and everyday dedication. That is, it reintroduces an emotional connection, a deeper meaning that goes beyond monetary remuneration.

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At the conclusion of the project, the client will have defined its purpose and be ready to apply it in the areas of business, decision-making, and relationships with a wide range of audiences, knowing how and why it makes a difference in the lives of those involved, or who are impacted directly or indirectly by it.

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