FAST TRACK BITTENCOURT is a new solution designed to assist enterprises in their internationalization and access to the BRAZILIAN and EUROPEAN markets.


We facilitate cross-national exchanges through our local teams in BRAZIL and PORTUGAL. From market research through the entry and physical installation of your company, we are well-positioned to support all of the processes that lead to a successful internationalization strategy.

Reasons to Internationalize

Whether you want to enter the Brazilian market or expand your brand to Europe, the advantages are many!



Country of continental size and responsible for half of Latin America’s GDP. Due to the current exchange rate and cheap interest rates, the country represents an opportunity. Brazil offers a unique business opportunity as a platform for accessing the Latin American market, with a population of over 200 million people.



With over 400 million consumers, it is a gateway to the European Single Market. Portugal is a strategic platform for reaching the African market, and it is now one of Europe’s primary centers for international entrepreneurs, with stable conditions for firm implantation in the European market.

What we offer:


  • Market analysis
  • Legal/customs barriers
  • Benchmarking competition
  • Product fit vs. Local culture/consumption habits
  • Identification of entry channels + local partnerships and distributors
  • Preparation of business plan
  • Financing – identification of opportunities vs company profile


  • Company constitution
  • Identification of tax regime + favorable
  • Installation and staff
  • Legal support for hiring
  • Accounting & auditing
  • Financing – support for applications and support processes


Your brand successfully opens up a world of new options with international development, including reinforcement of its positioning, risk dilution, and the expansion of the volume of business and new sources of revenue

Take your business to Europe

Expand to the Brazilian market

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"Preparing to expand abroad is a multidimensional process that necessitates concentration, capacity, and a solid support structure. A thorough preparation, backed up by thorough research and experienced staff, can mean the difference between success and failure.

Pedro Rodrigues dos Santos │ Country Manager - CEO PORTUGAL

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