With over 35 years of market experience in the development, management and expansion of franchise and business networks, Bittencourt Group is present in Brazil (HQ) and Europe,  spanning its reach across the globe with dedicated partners in the United States of America and Australia.

We have proven hands-on expertise working with global consumer brands in the Brazilian Business and Franchise market – the fourth largest franchise market globally  and one of the most developed markets in the world.

Throughout our existence we have strived to developed consistent strategic alliances that contribute to the development of sustainable and successful projects. These aliances  add value and knowledge not only to our clients but as well to our own daily activities. 


We are ready to turn your business projects into reality and develop the most suitable solutions for your company, with a dedicated focus driven approach towards set objectives.



Over time, the Group has consistently expanded the area of operation in the most diverse distribution channels, supporting companies from different sectors of the economy to scale their businesses and multiply concepts of success.

Having  a multi- purpose team composed by consultants with skills in strategy, finance, processes, education, marketing and other specialties, the company has in its portfolio major players in the Brazilian and international markets such as Arezzo, Reserva, Vivo, Danone, Todeschini, Adcos, Dunkin Donuts, Coca Cola, Google, Samsonite, Porto Seguro, Adidas, Heliar and many others.



We offer solutions that suit the objectives and strategies of our clients in whatever stage they are in business. 

Our consultancies and specialized programs involve the development and expansion of businesses in all segments, with the identification and implementation of the best sales and distribution channel strategy; development of new concepts, formats and business models, digitization of companies and innovation processes, in addition to supporting the strengthening of culture through purpose engagement.

Maintaining their irrefutable expertise in the process of formatting and implementing franchise systems, the consultants of the BITTENCOURT Group add value and allow the activation and scalability of the projects developed.

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The definition of the growth strategy that best responds to the needs of control, costs, capillarity and expansion objectives of each company. From the revision of the business model, to the concept and innovation and complete renovation of the company, we can support you on the journey to resume and accelerate the growth of your business.

• Sales and distribution channel strategy

• Development and implementation of a new business concept

• Format and model review and restructuring

• Opportunities Map



The natural evolution of a business that thrives in its market is expansion. This process can take different forms and we can support you in identifying the best strategy for your company.

• Franchise formatting
• Manuals and process structuring
• Structuring and restructuring of the franchising company
• Expansion plan



If you want to take your company to other countries and want specialized support to make this happen, we are ready to support you in this process.

With the right partners and the right preparation, the chance of success is much greater. We strategically plan the expansion of your business in international markets.

• Internationalization strategy
• Support for the identification of partners and investors



Effective management with a focus on performance also ends up promoting the engagement of the network as a whole to achieve business goals.

The identification of opportunities not yet explored and supported by a strong culture and clear purposes are an important part of sustaining a company’s strategy.

• Business diagnosis