Nosso Propósito

Desenvolver empresas, multiplicar sucesso, realizar sonhos!


Assista ao webinar sobre internacionalização

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De 9 a 23 de novembro

Greg Nathan
Fundador FRI e Especialista mundial em franchising

Inteligência em Redes de Negócios

Em qual jornada sua empresa está?


Juntos humanizando o e-commerce brasileiro

Inteligência em Redes de Negócios

Em qual jornada sua empresa está?

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Journey to retake and accelerate growth

I want to develop new channels, new concepts and business models.

Journey to Expansion

I want to enter new markets, format my franchise, expand and manage the brand effectively

Journey to digital transformation

I want to insert my company into the digital era, with new sales channels or process optimization.

Journey to excellence and sustaining the strategy

I want to discover new opportunities and engage the team with a strong culture supported by the purpose of my brand

Journey to the internationalization of my business!

I want to take my business to other countries through a well-structured strategy and with the right partners.

Journey to knowledge

I want to know more about the business networks and franchise market through exclusive publications and events.

About Us

For over 3 decades on the market,

Grupo BITTENCOURT emerged with the mission of contributing to the growth and potential results of franchises and business networks. Our consultancy and specialized programs involve the development and expansion of business in all segments, with the identification and implementation of the best sales and distribution channel strategy; formatting and implementation of franchising systems – allowing the company to leverage market occupation with outsourced operations; definition of the ideal organizational structure, processes and training of executives and partners; management of franchise networks and national and international expansion of brands.

Our Purpose

To develop companies, multiply success, make dreams come true!


O trabalho realizado em parceria com o Grupo Bittencourt e...


A Bittencourt tem nos ajudado a desenvolver o nosso projeto...


As empresas que querem expandir de maneira estruturada com assertividade...

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11th Franchise Forum

The moment is to gain strength, to drive growth. Acting on what makes us unique. It’s about being systematically restless, agile, and providing the unexpected for the customer, the market, and why not, a world in constant evolution.

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