With over three decades of experience in the industry, we specialize in the development, management, and expansion of network businesses and franchises.

It was founded to assist in the expansion of business networks and franchises so that businesses can grow sustainably, profitably, create jobs, and contribute to the development of the communities in which they operate.

It now works with industry, retail, and franchising as one of the best specialists in business expansion in many categories, having solidified as a platform of diverse products and services.



The BITTENCOURT Group has constantly extended its activities in the most diverse channels, operating in all sizes of enterprises and parts of the economy, thanks to its reputation and recognition in the franchise market.

The development and expansion of business in all segments, with the identification and implementation of the best sales and distribution channel strategy; development of new concepts, formats, and business models, digitization of companies and innovation processes, as well as supporting the strengthening of culture through engagement, are all part of consulting and specialized programs. Maintaining its irrefutable expertise in the process of formatting and implementing franchise systems, the BITTENCOURT Group’s consultancies add value and allow the activation and scalability of the developed projects.


Consultants with expertise in strategy, finance, procedures, education, marketing, and other fields came together to form the firm. The successful and appropriate application of the necessary abilities is ensured by the integrated and multifunctional performance, which is tailored to the needs of each project.


We are continually researching new methodologies, processes, and technologies to blend knowledge and best management practices into franchise and business networks that are tailored to each client’s reality and needs.

“Thinking ahead of time: this is the foundation of our company’s survival. We aspire to exceed expectations by doing things differently every day, with a focus on the client’s and our company’s results. We consistently strive to be the best and a leader in the markets we serve. In all we do, we aim for excellence: we do more, better, and faster.”

Claudia Bittencourt | founding partner and general director | BITTENCOURT Group


Desenvolver empresas, multiplicar sucesso, realizar sonhos!


A comprehensive platform that brings together franchisors, industries, business networks, investors, and service providers around one central concept: the customer.

The BITTENCOURT Group has a unit in Europe and national and international strategic partners, as well as associated consultants, with a complete offer of solutions ranging from the development of new business concepts to the complete management of a network, thanks to its expertise gained over more than 35 years in the market.


The BITTENCOURT Group has built strategic ties throughout the time that help with project development and provide knowledge and relationships on the day of the consultation. A collaboration between recognized and specialized consulting businesses in the franchising industry, mostly in the United States and Australia. The firms collaborate on the best solution for clients, particularly concerning internationalization initiatives and innovative work techniques, to improve business and exchange between partners.


The largest and most prestigious consulting firm in the United States. The iFranchise Group has developed thousands of projects in the franchising sector over the years, and its experts are well-known and respected in the industry. Mark Siebert and Dave Hood, the company’s executives and founders, are responsible for several well-known franchise publications and have been recognized by the IFA (International Franchise Association) for their contributions to the development of franchising around the world.

The consulting expands the BITTENCOURT Group’s efforts beyond the United States to include countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Canada. The collaboration takes place mostly, but not entirely, in internationalization projects for Brazilian and American brands for the Brazilian market.

FRI – Franchise Relationship Institute.

Greg Nathan’s Australian Consultancy is the world’s foremost authority on the franchisee-franchisor relationship. In more than 27 years on the consulting market, its expertise in the field has been recognized all over the world. FRI licensed its main publications to the BITTENCOURT Group, which is solely responsible for distributing the specialist’s books in the national market, with the mission of assisting franchise networks in building and maintaining profitable partnerships, and with synergy for the BITTENCOURT Group.

Check the book:

is a must-read for franchisors and franchisees, being an excellent indication for distribution at franchise conventions.

The book O FATOR E
presents indispensable advice, contemplated in six stages, on how to correctly manage the franchisor vs. franchisee relationship.

B Bittencourt - The BITTENCOURT Group behavior

be better

From concept to completion, our goal is to achieve the client’s goal. We are dedicated to your pleasure and endeavor to provide information, results, and excellence in all of our interactions.

be happy, joyful, satisfied

We are enthusiastic about the industry and eager to be a part of a broader endeavor to realize aspirations, increase success, and grow businesses.

be original

We are forward-thinking. With agile and scalable thinking, we contribute to the development of our business and the business of our clients by doing things differently and exceeding expectations.

be an example

As a corporation and as individuals, we try to be better every day, conscious of our impact on the world. We walk following our principles and mission with humility and wisdom, dignity and consistency.

be brave

We are bold. We push ourselves every day to overcome obstacles and our limitations to achieving the client’s and our objectives.

be a better world

We are mindful of our impact on our ecosystem, and we believe that by becoming better people, we can create a better world.

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The performance of the BITTENCOURT Group is based on four pillars: adding KNOWLEDGE, allowing ACTIVATION, generating RESULTS, and EXCELLENCE in everything we do.

CARE is our mantra and translates impregnated concepts in all projects.


Our main goal is to bring knowledge to our clients’ projects by conducting an in-depth analysis of the business in relation to trends, new technologies, and changes in consumer behavior, as well as provoking reflections on the innovations that must be implemented for the company to remain competitive.

We do this by attending the world’s largest retail and franchising events and hosting the country’s largest event in the segment, the International Franchise and Business Network Management Forum.


From concept to completion

Our goal is to help build the project, assist with its implementation and monitoring, train the staff, and work together until it becomes a reality. For more than 30 years, the BITTENCOURT Group has gained skills in project management.


Our goal is to achieve the client’s goal.

The BITTENCOURT Group’s consultants’ emphasis and commitments are on the client company’s objectives and results. Beyond the training programs and process reviews, we use performance analysis methodologies and result indicators to make the necessary modifications and corrections to achieve the predicted outcomes on time. This allows us to avoid route deviations and optimize results.


We thrive at providing exceptional service while ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

The BITTENCOURT Group adheres to a strong code of ethics when it comes to managing the quality of projects and solutions delivered to customers. In addition to proposing innovations and technologies suitable for enterprises of various profiles, sizes, and stages of development, the solutions must provide a vision of the future, alignment with the reality of the digital and mobile world, and customer behavior.

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Agradeço a Grupo Bittencourt pela qualidade técnica do trabalho apresentado e profissionalismo do time de colaboradores. O desenvolvimento do nosso projeto de franquia só foi possível devido ao excelente trabalho desenvolvido por vocês! Obrigado. Ilie Soloviov - CEO - Seawall Education Consulting Inc.
Ilie Soloviov
Seawall Education Constulting Inc.
A Bittencourt nos trouxe uma visão profissional e de negócio, encontrando o caminho para o processo de expansão em franquias Reserva de uma forma autoral.
Juliana Almeida
A BITTENCOURT tem nos ajudado a desenvolver o nosso projeto de franquia desde o plano de negocio até a implantação da primeira franquia. Recomendo
Nicola Faoro

Meet the GS& Group

With a strategic platform formed by a virtuous business ecosystem, the GS& Gouvêa de Souza Group has contributed to the expansion and transformation of the national and international market since 1989. Its main objective is to apply, develop, innovate, analyze, and add value to sectors related to retail, consumption, e-commerce, franchising, shopping centers, and food service, through products and services.

The GS& Gouvêa de Souza Group’s cornerstone is the integration of all business groups.

Global Presence

The Ebeltoft Group is a global consortium of retail and consumer consulting organizations that provides paradigm-shifting advice to retailers, distributors, and service providers all over the world. The organization, which was founded in 1990, consists of 18 enterprises from 22 different nations. In 2001, the GS& Group joined the Ebeltoft Group as Latin America’s representative.


To inspire and lead the transformation of people and businesses for the better.


To be recognized as the best ecosystem in solutions for Retail, Distribution, and Consumption.


Focus, develop and consolidate profitable businesses supported by a unique Culture and a High-Performance Team, to ensure the continuity of the GS& Group.


Vanguard Knowledge • Absolute Excellence • Entrepreneurial Vocation • Making It Happen • Incredible People • Innovative Action